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Cathy Cleary

CATHY CLEARY - Licensed REALTOR® in North Carolina and South Carolina Cathy along with her husband Wes Cleary combine their unique skill sets and complementing personalities to provide a full-service real estate team. Cathy brings a background in advertising and marketing and an analytical personality, which combined with Wes’ background in renovating homes, landscape contracting, and his high energy and gregarious nature lend well to meeting the wide array of responsibilities and roles needed for buyers and sellers.

Wes Cleary

WES CLEARY – Licensed REALTOR in North Carolina and South Carolina. Wes’ has over 35 years of experience with renovating, construction, and landscape contracting. He is always ready to go the extra mile while serving his clients. His high energy and ability to relate to just about anyone paired with his wife’s (Cathy) background in advertising and marketing and analytical personality make for a perfect full-service real estate team.